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Life Skills Workshops
† These workshops do not include student evaluation for additional credentials.

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Nine Star Education Services 
Welcome to the

Nine Star


Training opportunities as of 12 August 2022

General Education Diploma (GED®) and Adult Education:

Nine Star Education Services includes the following services:  * Please see our current class schedule for what we offer. Related Services that are outside of Nine Star: A schedule of Nine Star GED® training for the Spring 2022 session (1-page PDF download) and a the ESL/ELL class schedule (1-page PDF download) are available.
ELL/ESL Training

Additional (GED®) and Basic Education Resources

Post-GED® & Post-Secondary Education

Recommended Post-GED® & Post-Secondary Training Tracks for maximum Self-Sufficiency that provides as much work experience as possible while training:

Practical Training
Associate's Degree

Associate' Degree

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Master's Degree
Doctorate Degree
Continuing Education
Never stop learning!
Apprenticeships (paid)

Vocational Training (unpaid)

2 & 4-year Colleges
and Universities
4-year Colleges
& Universities
UniversitiesUniversitiesConferences, Conventions, Universities, On The Job, & etcetra...
Work Required
Practical training requires "Hands-on Training" or learning on the job.
≥ 1,500 hours
≈ 150 hours
250 → 300 hours
Internship or Research Project
≥ 500 hours
Internship or Research Project
≥ 1,000 hours
Continuous Work Experience
(paid or unpaid)
1 → 1½ years † ‡2 → 3 years4 → 6 years6 → 8 years8 → 10 yearsKeep on going!
† This is about how much post-secondary training will be necessary take to obtain that level of training when working an average of 20 → 30 hours per week during this training.
‡ Some apprenticeships and vocational training programs require more time to achieve full Journeyman status.

NoteIn many cases work opportunities during training (e.g., practicums & internships) can turn into permanent employment.

Grants & Scholarships

Practical Training
career & technical education

Apprenticeship programs (paid)
State of Alaska, Department of Labor & Workforce Development (State) apprenticeship programs are free. Here is a news clip from Tuesday, 12 December 2023, regarding State apprenticeships that explains how they work.

Vocational Training (unpaid)
 * Here is a list of State of Alaska approved Nurse Aide Training Programs (PDF download). Short-term Practical Training (less than two months to complete)
Technology Training
Technology Training
 Some practical & technology training can apply towards credits in degree programs offered by education institutions (listed below)!

Higher Education Institutions
which offer degree programs
Higher Education

Testing for Employment 


Certificates Licenses Training Events

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