Security+ Module 2 - Technology and Tools notes

You must know the basic networking concepts to pass the Security+ exam

IPSEC VPN involve

Network Detection Systems

Open Authorization and Authentication

allows users to signin to a website with popular website (e.g. Zoom) with GMail or Facebook) credentials and involve the following services:

Things to look out for when cleaning up Access Control Lists (ACLs) in firewalls and routers

It is a good idea to use Network Flow to analyze packets that flow through the network to verify these ACLs are clean and properly configured.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Network Scanning

Command-Line Network Tools

DNS Harvesting

Know how SNMP version 3 works, namely the encryption, authentication and authorization features and the following SNMP commands:

Know the difference between a NAS (small) and a SAN (large) - See Geeks for Geeks article on those differences for more information.

Wireless Access Concepts

Trobleshooting Authentication and authorization issues

Device Configuration Issues

Change and Configuration Management

Physical Asset management

Handle Policy Violations Carefully!

Insider threat is significant

Social Networking Security

Personnel Safety - Safety 1st

Host Security

Mobile Device Security

Securing Protocols