Through CompassionExcellence, and Collaboration, Nine Star Education and Employment Services help Alaskans: 

  • GET A JOB! 
  • KEEP A JOB! & 

With this in mind, our training website has links to many resources for job seekers and general public members. You can also go to our main website
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    Available courses


    This course provides an overview of Moodle and covers the following topics: 

    • Setting up courses
    • Posting course content
    • Setting up students
    • Enrolling students in courses
    • Posting and grading assignments
    • Managing courses and students

    This course covers fundamental skills for behaving appropriately in the workplace. 

    This course covers the fundamentals of good customer service.

    This course covers effective stress management techniques. 

    This covers the fundaments and money management. 

    This covers the fundaments of parenting in a way that leads to successful careers. 

    This course covers ways to effectively network with other people for efficient career development. 

    This course covers ways to overcome barriers to employment. 

    This course covers successful interviewing techniques. 

    This course covers how to create effective résumés that result in interviews. 

    This course covers the requirements of the Nine Star Work Services Program and how this program works. In this orientation, you will need to commit to work search activities for 40 hours per week. These activities can include networking, applying for work, writing cover letters and résumés, and exploring career opportunities, including training.